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Neo coin takes 6th place in Market Capitalization

As of 10:30 GMT on Feb 27, NEO took the 6th spot with a total value of a $9.1bn US dollar market cap. This is $400m US Dollars more than Cardano, which held a market cap of $8.7bn US Dollar market Cap.

The value of NEO rose beginning on Monday when prices went from $122 to $133 and continued to climb to a value of $146 by 7:00pm on Tuesday.

Because of this the coin rose in market capitalization from $7.7bn to $9.2bn US Dollars, a 20% increase of $1.5bn US Dollars.

NEO was original created under the name of ant shares in Shanghai in 2014. It is a smart contract technology similar to the Popular Ethereum only it has not experienced the sharp rise and falls referred to as volatile as other currencies have.

NEO tokens have only released a total of 65% of their currency giving them a very good chance of continue to rise in market capitalization to take on the current 5th largest coin, that of Litecoin which currently holds a $11.5bn US Dollar market cap.

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