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West Virginia paves the way for honest federal election results

In it’s upcoming May 8 Senate election, West Virginia will become the first state to utilize blockchain based voting.

The voting via blockchain will be limited only to military officers, spouses and dependents deployed from the state counties of Mongolia or Monongalia.

Until now, military officers have been restricted to voting via email, fax, or snail mail – which all three have major security issues in the voting process. They can be easily tampered with, the methods make it impossible for military officials to be anonymous in their votes which is suppose to be a fundamental right of all people of the USA, and there is an issue of their votes not being counted if they are not received in a timely manner for whatever reason.

This new blockchain powered mobile app will solve these problems bringing anonymity and transparency to their voting process.

This is being considered a pilot test run that will hopefully spread across the state and nation if successful and proven to be trusted.

The project is a partnership between the office of the Secretary of State of West Virginia, Tusk/Montgomery Philanthropies, Blockchain Trust Accelerator, New America, and Voatz. Voatz is a Boston based blockchain startup with a platform that has been utilized over 70,000 voters in elections across the globe.

To ensure only the correct people have access to the app, one must first submit a Federal Post Card Application to their county clerk which can be done via snail mail or via email. After confirmation by the county clerk the voter may then download the app to cast their vote.

In the midst of claims of election fraud in the past 4 presidential elections, claims of President Donald Trump having worked to allow Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, and countless proofs of fraud votes in various states across the United States, this technology is perhaps one of the best use cases for blockchain outside of currency creation.

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