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Cryptocurrency reshaping American Growth

The city of Delaware in the state of Ohio has opened its arms as the new location for the software company Substratum.

Substratum was started through an ICO in 2017 and official opened its doors in September.

The goals of the company are two-fold – to create a decentralized internet and to create products and services that will help with the promotion of cryptocurrency transactions. The team wasted no time in proving legitimacy with an alpha test of their services already.

They are expected to launch their second alpha test later this month.

A co-founder named BJ Allmon said:

Net neutrality is a hot button topic right now and we’re one of the only solutions out there. We’re proposing a different way to use the internet

Allmon and another co-founder name Abram Cookson specifically chose the location due to the cities willingness to work with them. It was chosen do to accessibility of a flexible large building, accessibility to masons, electricians, and a city staff to get the renovations of the building finished in a timely manner.

Cookson is quoted locally having said:

We have the accessibility of people from a Columbus perspective from a scope of our size, but we have a small town, small business-feel being here

Sean Hughes the cities economic development director has confirmed that the city is seeing to boost businesses looking to Delaware’s downtown opening, relocating, and/or expanding their businesses.

He has learned that the Delaware labor force has dramatically changed in recent times and that economic development requires being done differently than it has been done in times past.

It seems that cryptocurrency businnesses and blockchain based companies are finding a lot easier of a time working with smaller cities and local towns than in times past, and many startup companies are preferring these types of locations to traditional big cities as has been the standard practice for countless years in America.

So perhaps not only is this new emerging technology reshaping the way business is done online, but also the way it is handling the model of American growth for the upcoming years and new generations of entrepreneurs.

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